Friday, March 14, 2008

Children's Aid

This will be a place for me to rant and discuss issues surrounding Children's Aid Society Corruption, the Ontario Works and ODSP system. I will give information and share stories of horrors and this will be a place that you will all visit daily so stay tuned.

I have been a social advocate in the city of Hamilton for the past 40 years. I have grown up in Hamilton, ON my whole 65 years of life.

Children's Aid Societies do not help children they destroy families.


Ron Payne said...

Please don’t think that Canadian genocide isn’t possible as it is happening as we speak. One would simply have to research the ongoing corruption and deaths related to the Children’s Aid Society here in Ontario.

Deaths in Foster Care
In an article by Vivian Song published in the April 2, 2006 Toronto Sun, she says Ontario Deputy Chief Coroner Dr Jim Cairns presides over the deaths of about 70 children a year involved with CAS. This is the highest reported death rate, but the article does not define what is meant by "involved". On January 25, 2007 reporter Haley Mick in the Globe and Mail quoted Mr Cairns saying approximately 80 children die each year with open CAS files. The number includes deaths in foster care plus in-home deaths of children under watch. A document titled Report of the Paediatric Death Review Committee and Deaths Under Five Committee from the Office of the Chief Coroner, Province of Ontario (2007) contains the statements on page 22:

Ron Payne
Welfare Legal
Hamilton, Ontario

RB said...

What can be done truly? does one have to take the Law into there one hands?