Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Childrens Aid Society Corruption

Having read a blog today about 2 sisters that had the guts to challenge statements made by a lying priest in British Columbia. I commend them and encourage more people to stand up and be counted.

This has brought me here to do my own blog today.

I have been personally involved with two serious incidents to do with the Hamilton Children's Aid Society and although the two incidents were 30 years apart, with no CAS involvement in between. On both cases, the Children's Aid Society handled themselves with the most corrupt, sneaky, backstabbing methods that I have ever run across.

The first case with the help of the highest ranking male politician of Canada which almost became our Prime Minister and a crooked judge, which had a private meeting with one of the parties, that fabricated and falsified everything in that case. This lead to the total destruction of 4 children, one of them seriously crippled by the other parties neglect, thus resulting in his death in 1997 at the age of 37.

The second incident involved the Hamilton Children's Aid Society which visiously and relentlessy attacking me because of my efforts to bring to justice the 19 year old that got my 13 year old daughter pregnant, while she was under the care of the Hamilton Children's Aid Society. 9 months later the baby was born and the CAS attempted to put my granddaughter up for adoption. This resulted in me having to fight for her welfare. And I gained custody of my granddaughter and my son.

They continued to harrass me on a regular basis. The first occasion they used two goon squad men, dressed in uniforms to break my door down on a Friday night at 1:30am in the morning and take away my two children without a warrant. This was done completely illegal and they had to return the two children on a Tuesday morning.

After 5 repeated attempts to get police reports of this incident the Hamilton police showed their misconduct, mischief, negligence, and mismanagement by not being able to produce these reports and mysteriously the Hamilton Children's Aid Society's computers broke down during this incident.

6 months later they started their tactics all over again, by the police kicking in the front door of an office, failing to provide a warrant and then 2 weeks later they once again showed up at the office front door. The Hamilton Children's Aid Society came with a Macho 7 man SWAT team and 4 uniformed officers, along with an incompetent, unprofessional woman in uniform.

In this particular case from March 25, 2005 until 2007 our Children's Aid Society of Hamilton file showed the names of 33 glorified clerks, with only 3 of them being registered with the College of Social workers in Ontario, and all of them employed by the Hamilton Children's Aid Society.

After they lied, fabricated, and falsified everything to cover up the corruption, they turned to our kangaroo court called the FAMILY court to have our so called judges continue to rubber stamp and break every law and go directly against their own mandates.

The corruption was so vivid there was no problem in laying a criminal Contempt of court charge against the Hamilton Children's Aid Society. Mysteriously and predictably this charge simply disappeared without any questions asked.

The Children's Aid Society, abuse of its own process allowed 83 children to die while in its care and control in 2006 alone.


At this time while fighting my own case and the amount of corruption involved, I have come across the horror stories to do with the residential schools. Having been brought up in a family to believe in honesty, justice and fair play I was horrified to be faced with the reality that our society in Canada is responsible and capable of killing little children by the thousands. All my inlaws fought in the 2nd World War to stop HITLER from doing what he was doing in Europe, only to find out that our righteous churches, the Catholic, Protestant, Anglican and United Church of Canada and our highest placed politicians are doing the same thing right here in Canada.

It staggers the imagination that someone is committing murder and getting away with it. Our laws state that if you are responsible for the death of a child or a disabled person by any means that is criminal negligence. When it happens again over and over it is outright murder.

The Ontario Children's Aid Societies must be held accountable for their actions when breaking Provincial and Federal Laws.This would be a mandatory start. http://andreahorwath.ca/node/350

Friday, March 14, 2008

Children's Aid

This will be a place for me to rant and discuss issues surrounding Children's Aid Society Corruption, the Ontario Works and ODSP system. I will give information and share stories of horrors and this will be a place that you will all visit daily so stay tuned.

I have been a social advocate in the city of Hamilton for the past 40 years. I have grown up in Hamilton, ON my whole 65 years of life.

Children's Aid Societies do not help children they destroy families.